Creating Consistency and Reliability

The phrase "All Natural" is everywhere these days. Over the last couple of years it’s even become a bit of a buzzword. You've heard the phrase "All Natural" and assumed its a good thing, but the Certified All Natural brand? It’s on an entirely different level. It defines the standards by which all food quality and care should be measured. No shortcuts to perfection.

The USDA does not regulate the use of "All Natural" therefore anyone can make grandiose claims about their products being "All Natural," but Maple Lane Farm realized that consumers want consistency and reliability when purchasing products and that's why we created the "Certified All Natural Brand."

We accredit restaurants and stores to use this logo after they undergo a product review to insure all of their items meet the standards of the brand.

You can rest assured that when you see this logo displayed the products you are consuming will not only be superior in quality, but also humanely raised.

Responsibility and Humanness

At Maple Lane Farm we know that "the Highest Order of Humanness Produces the Best Flavor" - Chef's Table.  That's why we monitor our animals daily to observe their natural behavior to better create environments that keep our livestock healthy and happy.

Standards of the Brand

Maple Lane Farm believes strongly in being honest with consumers about where and how their products are raised.  Our standards are straightforward.

Cattle In Field
  • All products, whether animal or produce, must live their life under the sun.
  • Animals must lead natural lives with access to fresh, clean air and water.
  • All products undergo minimal levels of processing.  Just enough to keep food safe, but not so much as to degrade flavor and quality.
  • No animals or produce can be treated with substances within the last 60 days of reaching a consumers plate. Animals never receive growth hormones. This insures that products are completely clean and of no threat to human health.  All animals receive vaccinations at birth to protect you against diseases and keep all food safe.
  • Animals eat all natural products that do not contain other animal bi-products.
  • Our food is taste-tested to insure that it is full of flavor and of a superior quality.

What qualifies Maple Lane Farm to accredit businesses?

Since 1872 we have been farming the traditional way.  Bringing produce and animals to life under the sun.  Whether its cattle in lush green pastures or non genetically modified corn in our fields, we have truly done it all.  We are strong believers in using new technology and often have been the first farm in the area to implement new methods, but we never sacrifice our principles of quality for speed or cost.  Read more about our history here.

Keeping the Brand Members Accountable

We aren't a one and done deal.  All of our brand members are inspected unannounced multiple times yearly to insure that they are 100% Certified All Natural.  We stand behind all of our brand members and if for any reason you are not satisfied with an item provided by a brand member please contact us and we will make it right.

If you're a restaurant or store and want to show consumers that you are a responsible supplier contact us and apply today!