Since 1872, we have been farming with the latest technology. From corn and soybeans to cattle and alpacas, we have rich roots of experience.

Our Mission

Maple Lane Farm will make the world a better, more beautiful, and healthy place - now and for generations to come.  We combine classic farming traditions with modern thinking to deliver a truly unique and sustainable approach.

A Classic Approach with a Modern Touch

To fulfill that mission, our nursery stocks thousands of trees & shrubs in a specially designed system that provides the perfect amount of nourishment for strong, healthy growth while being incredibly efficient at conserving water.

We maintain a strong herd of Angus cattle that live natural lives grazing on lush, green pastures.  Our animals are observed daily and receive an all natural grain product for superior marbling in our beef.

Our flock of chickens is closely monitored to ensure the best life style possible.  All of the chickens have access to grass, the outdoors, and never live in a cage.

By sourcing farms that meet our all natural standards we know that you will only receive a high quality pork product.  All of our assorted food products (baked goods, produce, pork, sauces) are hand picked based on taste and satisfaction.  If we didn't grow, cook, or bake it, we make sure you can't tell the difference.  We never sacrifice quality for price.

A Family Farm

Get old-fashioned service from people that really want to help you find the best products to help your projects grow, from big ideas to real-life paradise. We want everyone to enjoy a taste of heaven at home with the serene beauty of creation.

Our selection of one-of-a-kind gifts and stylish decor is refreshing.  A touch of elegance, a bunch of rare finds, a pinch of country and a dash of cute pizzazz make our store a charming and fun shopping destination.

A Local Marketplace

Offering fresh products year round, you're sure to find something you love at Maple Lane's new Marketplace.

From eggs to meats and sauces to baked goods, we have a little bit of everything.

Creating Responsibility & Reliability

We started the "Certified All Natural" Brand to help consumers feel confident in their purchases. Read about the program here.